I'm having an affair with burgundy and it's getting serious! It's the one colour that I've been obsessed with lately. I think it symbolises that I'm ready for winter (the fashion of course). Due to lack of patience I couldn't wait any longer and decided that I need to make this colour work for summer.

It all started when I had a 'love at first sight' moment with this lace crop top. I often have moments like that so its nothing to be concerned about. You know, that moment when you walk into a store looking for, I don't know, a birthday gift for a friend. But you get distracted, give into your urge, walk out a happy customer and realise that you need to go back because despite your greatest efforts of parading around the fitting room, thinking about the perfect shoe to match your new top, you still didn't get what you were actually looking for. Long story short, I had that moment.

Since I already had the accessories to match my new burgundy top, it was just a matter of throwing it all together. I paired it with this midi-length black skirt; I love creating contrast. Naturally I would opt for a little clutch purse to match but I wanted something unexpected and this oversized bag was exactly that. To finish it off I added these python heels and a custom-made beaded necklace.


Top: Topshop 

Skirt: Mr. Price

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Zara

Necklace: Jeannie Jacobs