In case the title wasn’t clear enough, there’s a lot of texture happening in this look but before we dive into that; I’ve been having a few pink moments lately and I’m kinda loving it. I know what you’re thinking, blush doesn’t exactly scream bright pink but wait for it… next weeks posts will blow your mind; I know what you’re thinking again, “she actually has plans to post again soon”.

My style has somewhat evolved over the years, of course we always have to remain chic, that’s the core but I have been reaching for more feminine pieces lately. I’ve officially broken up with grey, we still see each other from time to time but it’s nothing serious. Of course I will make use of the pieces I’ve invested in but I am on the market for a new obsession and it seems to be leaning towards pink and snake skin print, which work surprising well together.

My shopping habits have certainly changed over the past few months, of course I’m still obsessed with Zara, I’m afraid that relationship might never end. I certainly don’t shop as much as I used to though because I have a hard time finding special pieces. Trends seem to move around so swiftly these days and it’s tough to decide which ones to buy into. As an influencer there’s always pressure to stay on top of everything but it’s more important to remain true to yourself.

I’ll be sharing a few trends that are worth buying into over the next few weeks but for now let’s get back to today’s look. If you tend to be drawn towards a particular colour when shopping, whether you’re obsessed with all things black or nude tones; a good way to spice it up is through texture. You can never go wrong with a monochrome look that’s bursting with texture. Whether your choice of texture is leather, suede, velour, feathers, fringe, straw and so much more; it just has a way of elevating a simple look into something oh so stylish.

Outfit details are listed below. Thank you for reading.

new_70 2.jpg
new_61 2.jpg


Blazer // Zara

Lace Top // YDE

Jeans // Zara

Straw Bag // Zara

Shoes // Zara

Earrings // Lovisa