As the year draws to an end, the work seems to be piling up; not only on the blog but in my personal life as well. Outfits need to be posted, articles need to be written, events need to be attended and more content needs to be created, not to mention the first anniversary of the blog coming up 1 December 2015. I've grown a lot, I've learnt a lot and I've set my goals even higher for the second chapter.

People often wonder why I do what I do. Perhaps they ask themselves what I get out of this? Why I put countless hours into posting images on the Internet? These are all really good questions, however, it's not my responsibility to continuously explain myself. I'm driven by passion every single day of my life, it's the source that feeds me, it's the reason I get out of bed every morning and ultimately it's what will drive me to my destiny.

About this look

I find white to be refreshing; a breath of fresh air, the purest of colours, although experts may argue that white is technically not considered a colour. But this is fashion right? There are no rules. My look was inspired by this white waterfall coat that I've had for some time now. I had no idea how I would wear it, all I knew was that it needed to be special. I paired it with this striped jumpsuit I recently purchased from Zara (currently in stores), stripes seem to be my current obsession. I finished the look off with a leather neckpiece and reflective sunglasses.

Hope you enjoy!