In case you haven’t noticed I’m completely obsessed with Zara; I’m tempted to call it an addiction of some sort. Upon my last visit (which was less than a week ago) it got me thinking: what is it about this place that has me coming back week after week? To a point where I feel like I’ve missed out on amazing pieces if I don’t check in at least every two weeks. Call it a shopping addiction but I think its so much more. If you’re the kind of girl or guy who loves staying ahead of the fashion curve then Zara should be fashion heaven to you too. The pieces are fashion forward, the prices are good and the quality is above mass production standards.

As someone who is obsessed with fashion research, it shouldn’t surprise you that I dug deep to find out how Zara came to be the success it is today. According to the Inditex corporate video, customers are at the forefront of inspiration for this brand, to put it simply: customers dictate which items will be sold in stores so much so that if an item does not sell, it is moved off the shelves immediately.

In the past, fashion trends would be seen on the runaway and only appear in stores 6 months later, however, Zara has been a game changer in this regard. They spot new trends and translate them into designs in record time; shoes and accessories are no exception to this rule. Distribution to stores all around the world happens twice a week, which explains why they always have new merchandise.

Beauty, simplicity and functionality are some of the core elements when designing the store; this ensures that each store is personalized with a boutique experience. Merchandising professionals create the store layout making window dressing the best form of advertising, this also serves as Zara’s only form of advertising apart from their website and social media platforms.

About this look

I’m sure it goes without saying that my complete outfit is from Zara with the exception of the bag. I fell in love with this sleeveless coat from the moment I laid eyes on it but if I’m being completely honest, the pants sealed the deal for me. There are few in life that I love more than a great pair of pants, as for the shoes? Well let’s just say I’ve worn them almost everyday since I got them. 

Hope you enjoy!