I made a conscious decision to dedicate this year to exploring and trying new things. I've lived in South Africa all my life yet I never seem to do things that I deem as "tourist attractions" and yet so many of them are at my doorstep. In the spirit of changing things up on the blog and creating more of a lifestyle feel, I'll be grabbing my camera more than usual and not only for fashion posts.

Last month I took a long-awaited trip to the Lion and Safari Park with my boyfriend, we had been wanting to go for months but could never seem to agree on a date. Upon arrival we booked an hour long safari drive where we explored a pride and coalition of lions, antelope, zebras, ostriches and wild dogs amongst other animals. 

The highlight of the trip was interacting with the cubs. I was terrified at first, they may be young but they're still lions after all. The crew that escorted us in made us feel very comfortable and before I knew it I was playing with two cubs. My only disappointment is that I never got to feed the giraffes but better luck next time. I plan on exploring a lot more South African gems this year and I hope you'll follow my journey. 

The Safari Drive