I'm so excited to share some behind-the-scenes images, from start to finish of the Lux Bold Tour. I'll be focusing on finding the perfect dress in this post, followed by my arrival in Durban, makeup candid's, Sunday brunch and so much more in the articles to follow. I hinted at a few of my favourite choices in my previous post, now you get to see how spoilt for choice (and treats) I really was.

Upon arrival to the store I was warmly welcomed by the Edits team, photographer, videographer and the friendly staff at the Riich store in Melrose Arch; I was immediately overwhelmed with excitement. We've been discussing the Lux Bold Tour for weeks on end and for the first time it felt real. Fashionably late, I dived right into the store selection of dresses. I gravitated toward bandage dresses for the mere fact that I knew it would suit my body well and with my flight just 24 hours away there was little time for alterations. 

The pastel pink dress (pictured below) was my first choice! Initially I planned on having old Hollywood hair, which would have been perfect for this dress, combine that with Durban's "perfect" weather and you have a winning combination. Luckily I did not stop there, Durban's perfect weather was not so perfect after all and I missed my hair appointment thanks to bad traffic. GREAT!

The high neck black dress was next choice, which I loved but not as much as my first choice. I then went on to try on a series of dresses and seriously considered going with the long-sleeve burgundy dress. I loved the gold details, the black buttons made selecting a shoe easy but it was in that moment when I realised that I'm not much of a high slit girl. Moving on...

At this point I was avoiding the black halter-neck dress, trying desperately to get out of my comfort zone, "it is the Durban July after all" I kept telling myself but one of the girls convinced me to try it on and I immediately fell in love with it. 

Did I make the right choice? A part of me felt like I should have gone with the burgundy dress after doing my unplanned hairstyle at the crack of dawn before my flight on Friday. However, the classic, timeless and elegant look represents everything that the Lux brand stands for and the hair? Let's just say that's my touch of BOLD.

Did I make the right choice?

Photography: @StillsByTom