I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Women's Day then with the BOLD women who were beside me at the Lux Bold Tour last month; each and every one of them bold in their own right. From makeup artists, to radio DJ's, actors, I.T. specialists and above all, business women who have made the decision to create their own path and follow the road less travelled. Each of them had an amazing story to share about what makes them bold. And mine? Mine spoke of living in your truth, which is a continuous work in progress.

Being a digital influencer, like any other job in the world (yes, I called it a job) has its ups and downs and at times, like most events in life, the downs supersede the ups. Social media has turned the tables on many industries, suddenly every day women like myself get to step up to the challenge of influencing and uplifting strong women in the making; instant roles models without signing the deal.

Making the decision to take this path has taught me a simple truth about life; you have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to, however, the true essence of happiness in life is being aligned with your soul, which is where your truth lies (they don't call it soul-searching for nothing). So this Women's Day I encourage every bold women out there to live in her own truth.

Happy Women's Day!

Living in your truth is a personal journey
— Kayla Stamboul