Allow me to set the scene for you: sparkling wine, canapé's and giggling girls in the comfort of my home, that's the kind of weekend I had. I love having intimate moments with good friends and not to brag but I'm known for being the host with the most (drinks). The theme was studio 54 which explains the sparkly dresses and trust me we partied like it was 1979.

I partnered up with J.C. Le Roux to host a beautiful luncheon which turned into more of a dinner and ended up being a mid-night disco. The drink of the day was the stylish new Vibrazio range of dry and semi-dry sparkling wines. We spent the day laughing, sharing stories, chatting about current events and there may or may not have been a twerk or two.

Perhaps you're wondering what Vibrazio stands for? "Vibrant and sophisticated in equal measure". The winning flavour amongst my guests seemed to be the Off Dry Rosé flavour although I beg to differ. The synergy between Kaylista and the Vibrazio range was flawless, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

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The men behind the cameras

The men behind the cameras