As promised to my Snapchat family (kayla_stam), this week will be dedicated to fashion on campus and as you can see, today it's all about Sports Luxe. Sports Luxe is singlehandedly the best look to rock on campus. Not only is it stylish but incredibly comfortable too. 

I'm generally not your sneaker kinda girl but the opportunity presented itself and I ran with it (no pun intended). I purchased these high-waisted sweatpants quite some time ago but I couldn't wrap my head around how I would wear them, until now. The earcuffs add an element of surprise that I find quite refreshing; this is Sports LUXE after all. I'm a little more active than usual in this shoot so hopefully you get to see a different side of me.

Outfit Details

Top: Edgars

Sweatpants: Zara

Shoes: Nike

Earcuffs: Lovisa