Remember that one time when I tried to incorporate workwear as a regular feature into the blog but then I completely forgot about it? and suddenly I remembered that a lot of the women who follow my blog and social media pages are actually every day working women. As much as I would love to be glamorous every single day, there's a time and place for everything. The corporate world is no place for ball gowns, miniskirts and cutout jeans. 

I've always had a very conservative approach to dressing for the office (thanks mom), out of respect for the people who employ me, my fellow colleagues but most importantly myself and although I am no longer part of the rat race, I think it's important that I provide those who are with content that best suits their lifestyle. Perhaps workwear Wednesday will actually stick around this time but until then I'll embrace power dressing while it lasts. Oh and... Happy International Women's Day.


Coat | New Feeling

Shirt | Woolworths

Pants | Jo Borkett

Bag | Zara