Happy Monday! The weekend has come and gone, yet I could not seem to find the time to share this blog post. In the space of a month, my life has gone from partially busy to extremely busy; although time has rapidly gone by, I'm still battling to find the balance. On the plus side I recently starting working out again which, has left me either waking up at 4:45am or being one of the last people to leave the gym in the evening. However, I'm not complaining; nothing worth having comes easy.

Spring has sprung and I'm slowly transitioning into full spring mode. I ordered these gladiator sandals in preparation for spring when most of us in the Southern Hemisphere were still fully dressed in our winter gear. I'm a lover of gladiator heels but even I was not prepared for how high up my legs these would go! Truth be told, there's a lot more than meets the eye.

The colour was a very hard decision between black and rose gold; I even got my friends (and my boyfriend) to help me make the decision. As you all know, black is the love of my life but I love how subtle yet dramatic the rose gold looks on my skin. I opted for a fun denim shirt/dress to pair the heels with and finished the look off with rose gold accessories and statement sunglasses.

Outfit details below:


Denim Shirt | Zara

Shoes | Simmi Shoes

Clutch Bag | Foschini

Sunglasses | YDE