FashionKayla Stamboul


FashionKayla Stamboul

Forget 'Casual Friday' its fashion Friday and I'm so excited to share this look with you. Body con dresses has always been a favourite of mine, it keeps everything exactly where it should be (lol) and is the perfect dress for any occasion. When in doubt, con it out (see what I did there) and thats exactly what I do, when I have no idea what to wear to an event I opt for a body con dress, never overdressed, never underdressed and oh so chic.

Over-the-knee/calf length dresses are everything; it can make a tight dress look a little more sophisticated. Fashion fact: did you know that Mademoiselle Coco Chanel never designed skirts that were above the knee, she believed that the knees were the ugliest part of the female anatomy. Although I don't live my life hiding my knees I can't help but to agree with her to a certain extent. In terms of flattering the body, over-the-knee works for every single woman out there.

Todays look was planned all around this colourful printed body con dress. From the hair to the accessories to the simple clean makeup because there was more than enough happening on the dress (less is more). I'm in love with Jeannie Jacobs jewellery in case you haven't noticed. I prefer my jewellery custom made because I've got quite a short neck and baby wrists so she always sizes it perfectly for me. I found this printed clutch purse that was purchased years ago and it was perfect for this dress, don't you just love it when that happens? To finish off the look I added my favourite tan shoes, I love them so much, they match my skin perfectly. Its my own little version of nude, the best way to describe them is that I'm practically not wearing any shoes (they just that subtle). Hope you enjoy

Happy Friday



Dress: Pember

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Jeannie Jacobs

Bangle: Forever New

Clutch: Ginger Mary