Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

Fashion is supposed to be fun right? So today I'm stepping over to the dark side, which is actually more my comfort zone than anything else to tell you the truth. I had so much fun doing this shoot, it was so easy, the shoes did the work, they were the key accessory so everything else seemed rather pointless. If I could, I'd wear the shoes by themselves but this is a family blog so I had to throw on something that wouldn't take the attention away from them.

That being said, that 'something' that I had to throw on happened to be an oversized t-shirt. Yes, a t-shirt, not a t-shirt dress, an actual t-shirt two sizes too big for me. The neckline of the t-shirt fit quite well because it was high cut and the sleeves were rolled up which really helped me in the silhouette department. As a blogger, I always need to look at everything with a fresh eye so when I saw this t-shirt I knew it would work with these gladiator heels that I have been dying to blog. I wanted to create a look that was sporty and easy to wear but still had that edge that I love so much.

I've been dying to rock a really dark lip and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's dark enough to pass as black but light enough not to scare people off. I've always been a fan of Mac Cosmetics, especially their lip colour, nothing compares. Their an innovative brand with fresh ideas and they constantly have a new range to keep you hooked, To top this look off I added these round mirrored sunglasses, black stud earrings and a ring just for, you know, that feminine touch.

Be daring this weekend and have fun with your outfits.



T-shirt: YDE X&O

Shoes: Europa Art

Sunglasses: Zuri

Lips: Mac Cosmetics lipstick in Cyber

Nails: Tiptop in crushed grapes