Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

Dresses adorned in beading, tiaras, jewels, being waited on hand and foot and prince charming of course. This is every little girls dream, mine included. When I was younger, like every little girl, I would spend hours fantasizing what it would be like to be a princess; I was my own princess. Ruling my empire with an iron fist, calling all the shots and being protected by really strong teddy bears, yes, teddy bears, for some reason they seemed to be the right toy for the job. 

These days its a little different, I just turned 22 years old (yay) so the dream is slightly different, for one, the teddy bears have finally retired after years of incredible service and its just me now. Still calling the shots in my own life but this time it has nothing to do with making laws like: the national colour being pink and ice-cream for breakfast.

In this look I was mostly inspired by this jeweled headpiece, which I thought was so feminine but the black just gave it an edge. For the sake of this post that would be considered my crown. I automatically opted for this knit pencil skirt because it seemed quite appropriate. I purposely paired it with a plain black tee to make the look wearable for everyday life because after all, this post is called 'Modern Day Princess'.

The modern day princess to me is your everyday woman, the woman who is ambitious and works hard to get to where she wants to be. She embodies all the qualities that the little girl dreams about: smart, independent, beautiful inside and out but instead of wearing a giant dress and posing in a tiara everyday she wears a suit, a skirt, a dress, whatever it is that represents her. She's effortlessly chic, she makes an effort without looking like she's trying too hard. So as I blow out my digital birthday candle, my wish for you would be to unleash your inner princess, you don't need all the trimmings, you just need to believe in yourself.



Skirt: Topshop

Top: Cotton On

Shoes: Steve Madden

Clutch: Forever New

Headpiece: Lovisa

Earrings: Lovisa