Confident, sensuous, empowered and sophisticated; these are only but a few qualities that the quintessential Ronald Sassoon woman embodies. Do you think I nailed it? I've been trying my utmost best to keep this secret for a few weeks now and I'm glad that I no longer need to! I am the official brand ambassador for Ronald Sassoon (she said proudly). As a blogger you constantly get requests to work with brands in one way or another but what makes it really special is when you get to work with a brand that you truly believe in and for me... this is it.

Fashion and style are two different things, in the words of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel: "Fashion fades but style endures" and that's exactly what this brand is all about: timeless pieces that will grow with you as opposed to the "in today, out tomorrow" fast fashion that we've become  accustomed to. The Ronald Sassoon woman has effortless style and is always at the forefront of fashion while staying true to herself and her timeless aesthetic. She is alluring, understated and glamorous.

I had the pleasure of viewing the Autumn/Winter Ronald Sassoon range at the Sissy Boy store in Rosebank last month and got to choose a few pieces including this lovely chiffon top in todays post. What I love most about this piece is that it is sheer, however, the print disguises it, therefore making it easy to wear without having to worry if your undergarments are showing (FYI: nude works best). It's delicate, feminine with a subtle peplum and comfortable to wear without compromising your style. I made an unconventional choice by pairing it with a mini flared skirt which worked surprising well. My goal was to show you how versatile it is whether your choice is a classic pencil skirt or something a little more fun.

The brand is available in all Sissy Boy stores nationwide, superbalist.com as well as selected Edgars stores. I found the shopping experience pleasant, the staff were accommodating and knowledgable about their brand, which is important to me as an ambassador. Visit ronaldsassoon.com to find a store near you and share your thoughts with us. 

I'm excited to show you some denim wear as well; it will Transform you (hint hint).



Top: Ronald Sassoon

Coat: Truworths LTD

Skirt: Mr. Price

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: Fifth Avenue Collection