Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

First things first, I apologize for being MIA for such a long time, due to unforeseen circumstances I haven't been able to shoot as much as I'd love to. Secondly, I'm just as surprised as you are to see myself in pink from head-to-toe after the countless digs I made about the color in previous blog posts; they say change is as good as a holiday and I'm about to find out if it's true. It may be the most subtle shade of the color but it's pink non-the-less. Neon colors are circling back into fashion and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, I've rather been enjoying wearing fifty shades of grey, navy and nude but perhaps even I am ready to add a little more color into my closet.

In case you're wondering what's been keeping me busy lately, I mentioned a while back that I'm working on a clothing line, which will launch this spring (finger's crossed). It has been consuming every ounce of my time but you have no idea how proud it makes me to know that I'll be posting my very own designs soon and that those of you who are constantly asking about my style will actually be able to purchase the items you love. This has been a dream of mine for a really long time and turning it into a reality gives me butterflies and makes me nauseous all at the same time.

I went on a bit of a Zara spree recently so forgive me if you get sick of seeing Zara items for the next few weeks (what else is new?); on the bright side most of the items are still available in store so if you see something you love, you'll be able to purchase it right away; I aim to please.

As usual outfit details are listed below. Thank you for your continued support.


Suede Jacket | Zara

Suede Dress | Zara

Shoes | Zara

Lip Ring | Lovisa

Hair | Ambience