Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

There's something both refreshing and cliché about this time of year. There's something about a new year that seems to pump people up (myself included); almost as if life begins all over again, as if every mistake and regret from the previous year is magically erased. I love this time of year, it's the perfect time to reflect and maybe, just maybe, this will be the year that you finally conquer that New Year's Resolution you make year after year. You know the one; the health eating, better living, more travelling resolution that you just can't seem to crack because as the excitement of the new year kicks in, so does life. I've been there way too many times and I'm sure you have too.

2015 was a year full of surprises for me; both good and bad. Looking back, I had no idea that this is where I would be a year later. The year began with me focusing solely on my blog, sure I was new to this whole blogging thing but I truly gave it my all and I'd like to get back to that special place. My life quickly took a turn when I began co-hosting a fashion-business radio show, which consisted of late nights, TV interviews and a sad ending. I didn't have much time to sulk over that because two weeks later I started a new job. I've never seen myself as a 9-to-5 kinda girl but I adapted well and life continued. Naturally I had less time for the blog and even less time for social media. This new set-up did not sit well with me because I had less time to do what I truly love. After months of complaining that I never have time for anything, I decided to make 2016 the year that I MAKE time for everything. Time to blog more consistently, time to start my fashion empire and definitely time to travel more; travelling is the heart of inspiration and I could certainly use a lot of that.

In a perfect world I would be doing blog posts from the most famous cities in the world, to hidden gems only known by the locals. There's certainly no harm in daydreaming about your perfect world, as long as you eventually stop dreaming and actually do something about it.

About this look

The exciting thing about changing your hair, is finding looks that will enhance it. When I spotted this black and silver two-piece set from Zara, I knew it would be the perfect look to break in the New Year. I'm all about trying new things and experimenting more this year. I paired this look with a strappy black heel; a velvet clutch and I went a little crazy with the rings. Did you notice that I'm wearing grey contact lenses too? I think it's the perfect combo with this hairstyle. I'm super excited about 2016 and I'm glad that I get to share it with you.

Happy New Year and thank you for all the support.



Two-piece set: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Forever New

Sunglasses: H&M

Rings: Lovisa