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Kayla Stamboul

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I'm excited to present something a little different on the blog today; I hope this will be the first of many more articles like this. People close to me will know that I'm quite a gadget girl; an entry level geek if you will... okay maybe intermediate level but that's as high as I'll go. I'm in love with all things photography (obviously) from cameras to drones, smart phones (is there any other kind), filmmaking (YouTube in the making), editing software and of course smart watches, which have become the latest craze (watch this space for more.)

When I was approached to check out the new Huawei Nova, which launches in South Africa today, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm familiar with both Android and Apple software, I've owned and continue to own devices from both companies (confessions of a serial phone collector) so setting up the device was fairly simple.

One feature that is an absolute must for me when purchasing a new device is the quality of the camera. With an 8 megapixel front camera and a 12 megapixel rear camera, I'd say that problem is pretty much solved. I generally tend to gravitate towards bigger phones and for those of you like me, there's the Huawei Nova Plus. 

Google Apps, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were already pre-installed onto the phone so naturally the first thing I did was download Instagram, Snapchat and Kindle (I'm a huge reader.) The fingerprint ID is placed at the back of the phone which is surprisingly comfortable - I had my doubts.

Something that I find rather strange is the lack of a "home" button at the bottom of the screen - making the phone almost completely touchscreen apart from the volume and power buttons on the side. I constantly had to remind myself that the home button does not exist, which makes me wonder... is this the future of smart phones?

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I hope you enjoyed this post and as usual, outfit details are listed below.

Top | Fashion Nova

Bra | Cotton On Body

Jeans | Zara

Shoes | Steve Madden

Cuff | Forever New

Earrings | Fifth Avenue Collection