When thinking of ways to expand the blog, the first thing that popped into my mind was beauty blogging. It seemed like a natural step to take since I'm into fashion and it plays a vital roll in the looks that I create. But what I never thought about was travel blogging. I see blogging as an online diary; a way for you to share a piece of your life with your readers. Since I am fortunate enough to have a flexible schedule that allows me to travel, sharing my experiences seemed fitting. One of my long-term goals over the next few years is to travel as much as I possibly can and what better way to start than in my own country.

I recently made a trip to South Africa's mother city, I'm talking about Cape Town of course. A city so beautiful, you could spend hours taking it in. I spent three glorious nights in Cape Town and even though the weather did not always play its part, it was beautiful nonetheless. What I love most about Africa is the warm sunny weather no matter the season. I've been to Cape Town on several occasions but this time was different because I was documenting it.

Upon arrival at Cape Town International Airport, I took an Uber (which is the most amazing thing in my life right now) to my hotel. I stayed at the Southern Sun Cullinan hotel where I was warmly greeted and escorted to my suite. My suite was filled with drinks on ice and little nibbles to welcome me back, as this is my home away from home. It's spacious and homey with an incredible view of the city.

Throughout my stay I spent some part of my day at the V&A Waterfront which is a must see. Filled with luxury brands, local designers and some of the finest South African dining for all you foodies out there. The best restaurant I had the pleasure of visiting was called 'Karibu' and their menu was filled with traditional South African dishes. I ordered deep fried calamari to begin with and homemade 'Lamb Bredie' as my main course served on a bed of rice. The restaurant was cozy, the staff was welcoming and the food was delicious.

On my last night in Cape Town I attended an event and got to meet someone who has been following my blog since day one. She expressed her desire to attend the event that I was going to so I sent her an invite. Her name is Liezel (see image below) and she is the epitome of a Capetonian: warm, kind and overall just a breath of fresh air. People like her are the reason I love Cape Town.

Hope you enjoy!