Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

As you all know, I've been playing around with Faux Locs since this past December and after four glorious months together, our relationship has come to an end. I get questions on Faux Locs all the time especially since it's one of the trendiest hairstyles right now. That being said, I decided to share my two cents on the latest craze.


There are two different techniques to achieve this look and I tried them both. The first one (see image above) can take anywhere between 6 - 8 hours. This involves the same type of extensions you would use for regular box braids, your hair is braided underneath to the desired length and the extension is twisted over the braid.

The second technique (see image below) takes a lot less time, it took about two hours excluding washing and drying my hair. The extension comes in the form of a readymade faux loc, the loc is then separated by the stylist according to the length of you natural hair. One half of the extension is used to braid you natural hair and the other half is used to twist the loc around the braid. Once it has been twisted to the end of your natural hair, the stylist blends it to ensure your natural hair is not exposed. The length of this process will depend on the length of your hair (at the time I had shoulder length hair).

DISCLAIMER: two stylists worked on my hair simultaneously which influenced the time it took to complete this look.

Is it painful?

I found the first technique to be a lot more painful and stressful on my scalp, as this involves continuous pulling. The second technique is about as painful as box braids, depending on the person doing the locs. Be sure to ask your stylist to be gentle on your hairline and around your nape.

Are they heavy?

Yes and no! I found both techniques to be considerably light, although the second technique was much lighter than the first. The first technique involved both braiding and twisting to the desired length which add quite a bit of weight. The second technique was a lot more "springy" (for lack of a better word) which resulted in a weightless look.

My preferred technique?

I would definitely opt for the second technique which is achieved with the readymade faux loc. It's a lot less time consuming, less painful, more lightweight and not as stressful on your natural hair and hairline.

Would I do it again?

Personally, no I wouldn't but hear me out first before you run for the hills. I have an extremely sensitive hairline with fine hair, whether I opt for braids, locs, cornrows or any style that involves slight pulling it takes a toll on my hair and increases dryness on my scalp. However, if your hair can survive any of the styles mentioned above with minimal damage then I say go for it! Be careful not to add additional tension to your hair when pulling your faux locs into a bun.

I hope this was helpful!