Kayla Stamboul


Kayla Stamboul

I consider myself to be a worldwide woman, now more than ever since I started blogging. The fact that you can log on anywhere in the world amazes me, it's one of the very reasons that I decided to go with dot COM instead of dot COZA, I don't want any limitations; I want to influence the world. The goals I have for this platform are endless, every single day the list gets longer and I become more and more inspired. The existence of my blog is driven by passion; not only to share my take on fashion but to influence the world in a positive way.

It's tough being a woman, living in what use to be a mans world. The world is constantly changing and women are rising up, women are finally raising their voices and taking ownership of a world that they've been robbed of for many generations. That being said, it's hard to ignore the challenges that women are still facing in what seems to be an evolving world. 

I have always taken the fact that I grew up extremely protected for granted; that I have never experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse of any kind. I can't even begin to imagine the hearts of women who have; the statistics are shocking. It's moments like these when I begin to realise the strength of a woman; her ability to smile through her pain, her ability to give so much of herself even when she's been robbed of everything within her. 


So as we celebrate Women's Day in South Africa today and women's month across the world, I encourage you to embrace your womanhood. We are not victims, we are conquerers - made in the perfect image of God, not to be trampled on.



Dress: Pember Boutique - Woodmead

Customised pearl set: Jeannie Jacobs

Shoes: Ronald Sassoon